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Rummage Sales... Could you be the next victim?

Aug 7

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Wednesday, August 07, 2013  RssIcon


    A young man and lady with a cute little puppy come to your rummage sale. The couple seems real interested in a certain item so you go up to them to see if you can make the sale. You engage in conversation with the lady on the item and/or the puppy. The female tells you that she will come back later on to purchase the item. You go back to sit down and find your money box is now gone. You just became a victim.

    A female comes up to you holding both arms full of clothes. She says she would like to buy them, but is not sure if they are going to fit her or not. She asks if she can use your bedroom, bathroom, house to try on the clothes. You really would like to get rid of the clothes so you agree to let her in the house. When she comes out she puts the clothes back stating they did not fit her right. On her way she went. A few hours later you hear, "Honey have you seen my wallet and keys? They were sitting right here by the door." You just became a victim.

  1. Do not have a rummage sale by yourself. Have friends or family members come over to help out.
  2. Keep only enough money out to make change. Large amounts of money draws attention.
  3. Don't keep personal valuables in open view of strangers. Don't tempt them to come back.
  4. Never let strangers enter your house unless supervised the whole time.
  5. Don't get distracted to the point where someone could steal from you.

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