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Three Local Deputies receive award

Sep 17

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013  RssIcon

Reserve Deputy Brad Hicks

Reserve Deputy Brad Hicks has been a member of our department for 3 years. During this time he has donated hundreds of hours to our department by protecting and serving our community.

On April 30, 2013 at approximately 3:20am Reserve Deputy Brad Hicks changed the outcome of a possible deadly situation. Deputy Hicks was riding with Deputy Kip Curtis when they conducted a traffic stop at 23rd St. and Madison. Deputy Curtis approached the driver's side of the vehicle and spoke with the driver. After receiving information from the driver Deputy Curtis began to return to his vehicle and advised Deputy Hicks to maintain his position and watch the driver.

Deputy Hicks was positioned on the passenger side of the vehicle and could observe the driver from this position. Deputy Hicks saw the driver reach under his seat and retrieve a holstered handgun and place it in his lap. The driver then started to remove the handgun from the holster. Deputy Hicks began giving verbal commands to the driver to drop the gun and received compliance.

Deputy Hicks presence and tactics kept the driver from carrying out any bad intentions he had against Deputy Curtis. This incident could have had a very different and tragic ending if not for Deputy Hicks.

His dedication to the safety of our community and the Sheriff's Office should be commended. Through the donation of his time and efforts with the Sheriff's Office he ahs made our community a safer place to live and work. For that we Thank You!

Deputies Randy Ogle and Lenny Popp

On August 25, 2013 at approximately 11:38am Deputies Randy Ogle and Lenny Popp were dispatched to assist the Albany Police Department in reference to a subject threatening suicide. Upon arriving the two deputies were advised the subject had possibly walked to the area of the Mississinewa River.

Deputies Ogle and Popp began to search a large wooded area with Deputy Popp's K9 partner Sabo. Sabo began tracking, leading the deputies across the river. Deputies then advised that there was a handgun missing from the residence. After approximately an hour of tracking Deputy Popp's K9, Sabo< led them into a cornfield. Deputies Ogle and Popp went approximately 100 - 150 yards into the cornfield where Sabo located the subject on his knees with a handgun.

Deputies Ogle and Popp drew their weapons and began talking with the subject in very close proximity, without any protective cover. To add additional concern to these deputies was the fact that their radios occasionally would not transmit.

During the time the deputies were talking with the subject he would not put the handgun down. During several moments Deputy Popp believed the subject was going to pull the trigger. After approximately 10 minutes of negotiating with the subject, without saying a word, he began to move the gun. This initially caused great alarm for both deputies not knowing his intent. The subject then removed the magazine from the weapon and allowed the deputies to get him some help that he needed.

The commitment, dedication, and courage demonstrated by Deputy Ogle and deputy Popp should be commended. These deputies saved the life of this subject while risking their own lives. Deputy Ogle and Deputy Popp strive to serve the community unselfishly and for that we Thank You!

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