Reserve Organization

This group of highly trained volunteer deputies supplement all aspects of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office. Reserve deputies are civilian volunteers, men and women trained to assist regular deputies in performing police functions. Our reserve work over 12,000 hours per calendar year offering law enforcement services to this community. We are greatly in debt to them for their services.

2015 Recruit Class

In January 2015, Sheriff Michael Scroggins swore in a new recruit class at the monthly reserve meeting.  The new deputies repeated the oath that a police officer takes to protect the citizens of the State of Indiana.  These new deputies have passed the first portion of their training and are now moving on to the field training portion where they will be in uniform out with a field training officer and will be taught the essential parts of being a sheriff deputy.  The first portion of their training consisted of several aspects of law enforcement including criminal law, traffic law, juveniles, hazmat, firearms training, evoc, asp, oc, physical tactics and stops training.  Congratulations to the new deputies and we wish them continued success on their way to becoming a Delaware County Sheirff Deputy. 

 Deputy Steven Wright

Deputy Austin Dickerson

Deputy Travin Mcelfresh

Deputy Christopher Jones

Deputy Mackenzie Hart

Deputy Adam Davis

Deputy Shanna Ashcraft

Deputy David Brand