Project Lifesaver

Through “Project Lifesaver” family members coping with Alzheimer’s or Autism related illness are provided with wristbands that emit an electronic signal. If the patient should become lost or wanders off, the Project Lifesaver tracking device helps law enforcement and emergency services personnel locate the patient much faster than a normal search procedure. Through grants and public donations, the Delaware County Sheriff’s office has outfitted families in Delaware County with this device offering security and peace of mind to both the patients and their family members.

We are very happy to announce that through generous donations, we have recently purchased our first five tracking systems. This project will help families outfit their loved ones suffering from ailments such as Autism or Alzheimer’s disease with a wrist watch style tracking device that would allow rescue workers to quickly locate the individual should they wander off or get lost. Now that we have the transmitter, the cost per device is approximately $200.00. This monitoring is done by the developing company. No money is paid to the Sheriff’s Office for their participation in this program. We are happy to be able to outfit a few families but would like to expand this program to the many other Delaware County citizens in need of this service. We are looking for sponsors to purchase additional units. If you would like to sponsor someone in this program, please contact deputy Jordan King.