About the Jail

The mission of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office Jail Division is to provide the highest level of safety, security, and quality of life for those incarcerated in Delaware County. The Jail holds with the upmost regard the protection of the staff, the inmates and the community it serves. All Officers work together as a team to gain the respect of other their peers and the inmates. All Officers are trained to act in the most professional way possible. All Officers are trained to utilize the advantages of technology, professional instruction, and modern techniques to meet the needs of the individual. All Officers work hard to maintain their training, thus moving us towards our mission.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office Jail Division consists of 58 full-time Officers. Whenever a person is arrested in Delaware County that person is brought to the Delaware County Jail for incarceration. The current facility was opened for business in 1992. The facility was built with 120 beds and in 1996 was double bunked and now has 221 physical beds separated into different blocks. Prisoners held in the Jail range from those charged with offenses such as theft and public intoxication, to offenses of rape, burglary, and murder. Our staff is responsible for the care, custody, and safety of the inmates housed in the jail. The jail is self contained. All laundry services, meal preparation, and most medical and dental services are provided within the Jail.

Although most prisoners stay at the jail for a short period of time, some prisoners may stay the entire time from arrest, through trial, and sentencing. Even after they are sentenced, inmates may stay in the County Jail for an extended time due to bed space at the state institution. The Delaware County Jail averages a daily population ranging from 260 to nearly 300.

A tour of the jail.


Inmate commissary funds are ran through Swanson Services Corporation. We have a kiosk in the lobby to accept cash or credit card. You will need the inmate’s identification number to be able to deposit money on the account of the inmate. Money is no longer accepted at the lobby window, nor cash or money orders sent through the mail. Money received during the book in will be credited to the inmates account for use. Inmates can order commissary at anytime, and deliveries are made on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Educational Services

The Delaware County Jail Offers a variety of services and programs for inmates to attend and participate in. Eligibility is based upon the inmates assigned classification level and assessment. Services and programs include: Substance Abuse Counseling, Mental Health Assessment and counseling, classes for life skills, parenting classes, anger management classes, adult basic education/GED (High School Equivalency testing), Diagnostic testing to determine basic skills and potential.

Inmate Property

Jewelry – Wedding bands and religious medallions (less 2 inches in either diameter or length) may be worn.

Clothing – All inmates clothing is issued. Females can have undergarments dropped off on Sunday’s from 1pm-7pm only. Females are permitted to 3 panty briefs and 3 no wire bras on the 4th of each month. We will not accept any other clothing related type items.

Laundry – All inmates are given the opportunity to have their clothing laundered twice a week. Linens are washed once a week.

Library – We have a library cart that is run nightly. If inmates want to have books, delivered they must come directly from the publisher (NO HARD BACK BOOKS).

Hygiene – Hygiene packs are given out at book in to all inmates. All other hygiene items can be ordered off of commissary.

Inmate Property – Property can only be released on Sunday from 7:00am-10:00am ONLY