K-9 division

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office utilizes K-9 officers for search and rescue, bomb detection, as well as drug interdiction.  Delaware County currently has 4 K-9’s.  The sheriff’s office utilizes “dual purpose” K-9’s.  Currently there are 3 narcotics/patrol dogs and 1 bomb/patrol dog.  The K-9 unit is a self sufficient unit that does not rely on the general budget.  All money used for the unit is utilized from drug seizures and a 1 week K-9 recertification that the unit hosts every year.  The money generated from this training takes care of dog food, medical expenses and any equipment needed by the unit.  The unit trains 16 hours a month and re-certify every year to stay in compliance with federal guidelines.  The unit hosts 2 training days a month and several other K-9 units attend the training.  The handlers take the K-9’s home with them and are responsible for the K-9’s on & off duty.  When a K-9 retires they are given to the handler by the department and the handler then assumes all responsibilities of the retired K-9.  The K-9 units complete several K-9 demonstrations during the year and if anyone is interested please contact the department. Cpl Dave Williams is charge of the K9 division.